Here is why you may consider buying a vehicle with a manual transmission


Cheaper to Maintain

Having an automatic vehicle means you need to replace its filter and change its fluids regularly. The advanced technology and machinery in automatic transmission vehicles bring lots of risks to them. The repair costs for these failures are typically higher compared to manual transmission failure. 

Stick-shift cars, on the other hand, are easier to maintain. They are less likely to have any failure. The only issue with manual transmission is its clutch, which loses its efficiency after a certain number of miles. However, the overall repair costs and maintenance of a manual vehicle are less than an automatic one. 

Fuel Efficiency

With a manual transmission, you have more control over saving fuel while having the best driving experience without compromising on the power. The fuel consumption in an automatic vehicle is more, which is typically due to the torque converter and hydraulic pump. However, in manual vehicles, the drivers have control over the engine RPMs as they can keep them low and still upshift. The fuel efficiency is usually 5% to 10% more in manual cars. 

More Fun to Drive

As you have full control over the car in manual transmission, you feel more connected to the vehicle. As there is no torque converter, there is a direct connection between the driveshaft and crankshaft. You have authority over how much power is needed. All this makes manual vehicle driving fulfilling and satisfying. 

Better Control 

The upshifting of transmission can sometimes be very annoying for the drivers. But in a manual transmission, you have full control over the car’s gearbox and control. Upshifts and downshifts in a manual car are completely up to you. In automatic transmissions, shifting can sometimes be unpredictable as they depend completely on the torque converter and computer for shifting gears. 

Final Thoughts 

Which transmission type is best for you comes down to your needs. But if you want to have a smooth driving experience and like to control your car fully, owning a manual transmission vehicle can be a great option.