Useful Tips to Improve Gas Mileage


Gas prices have been on the rise for the past decades. In the US, for example, the regular price was $2.76 per gallon in 2019 alone, according to the Energy Information Administration. It’s no surprise as there has been an increasing demand in America and even in other countries across the globe. 

Aside from the high demand, traders of commodities are another reason why gas prices skyrocket. They purchase oil and gasoline at a cheaper rate and sell it at a higher price when the supplies are not enough. 

As a driver, it’s impossible to control and manipulate the market yourself. But there’s an effective way to reduce your monthly budget on gas. Find out more below: 

Limit the load of your vehicle as often as possible 

Do you have a list of travel trips this 2020 and beyond? Then, you probably need to bring lots of stuff during your escapade. If you have been wanting to improve your gas mileage, loads of luggage is not advisable. Studies show that putting extra weight on the rear axle reduces your mileage. So, choose the stuff that’s only necessary for your next travel. 

Inflate tires according to the industry’s highest standards 

Another reason for lowering the quality of gas mileage is an under-inflated tire. Of course, you inflate your tires especially when they look low. However, appearance might be deceiving. Sometimes, they are slightly low without giving any sign. The best solution is to visit a reliable professional. Although the services can cost you an arm or a leg, a trusted provider can give you the peace of mind. 

Replace spark plugs, air filter, and other important accessories 

Malfunctioning air filter and spark plugs result in poor gas mileage according to experts. When such vehicle accessories are not in good condition, a timely and regular replacement can play a crucial role. While it helps your car last longer, it aids your engine to burn gas more effectively. If you have a little background in doing the task, a DIY maintenance can be more affordable than you think. But nothing can beat the services of an expert. 

Purchase the ideal motor oil 

It’s tempting to consider other kinds of motor oil to reduce your daily consumption. However, it’s not a good idea, and it doesn’t suit your car’s specific needs. If you use a heavier weight oil for a vehicle that only requires a different solution, it could cause too much friction. Unnecessary friction can make your engine work harder. That’s not all! It can cause your vehicle to burn more fuel in the long run. 

It is also important to check the cap seal of your gas. Over time, it breaks down, which in turn allows oxygen and other elements to leak into the tank. 

For more practical tips and tricks, ask help from a qualified and reputable professional for your convenience!